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1 on the discussion forum describe an instance where a government has taken some act 3590780

1. On the discussion forum, describe an instance where a government has taken some action the result of which is influence on commerce.Minimum 250 words.

2. Respond to two classmates’ postings. Minimum 100 words per posting.



Criterion                 Description                               Points possible 


Content         Initial response addresses                            5

question presented


Word Count           250 Words                                           5


Response To    Participant responds to                             10

Classmates            two classmates,

and response furthers the discussion,

(e.g., asks a question, provides further

information or examples, or introduces

a different opinion (10points/per posting).

100 words minimum word count for reply post.


Total Points possible                               20


The United States Government passes laws that are mostly intended for better economy to public and private sectors. These laws cover wide range of aspects including commerce, e-commerce, cyber laws, public rights, violations, taxes, technology, military, etc. In certain cases, the statutes passed by the congress could have impact on multiple of such aspects and not just one.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (also known as NAFTA, 107 STAT 2057), was a bill that was een the North American countries like Canada, United States and Mexico. The agreement incorporates tariff treaties for goods pertaining to agriculture, textiles, automobiles, etc. The expectation from the bill was to improve the number of U.S. jobs and reduce the unemployment rate by increasing the amount of imports and exports. Since the bill was passed, there was a speculation that it would turn out to improve economy and jobs within Mexico rather than the United States.

The NAFTA agreement had a profound impact on commerce between the three countries. As predicted, the bill reduced trading expenses and boosted the job economy. According to Wharton (2016), this agreement has led to trade value increase from approximately 290 billion to 1.1 trillion in over 20 years. It also created nearly 6 million new jobs, all of which were only possible due to the trade bill (Alexandroff, Hufbauer & Lucenti, 2008). Investments across borders has also increased as stock market improved over the years. The agreement has created an integration of supply chains across countries making it easier for enhanced commercial deals.



Alexandroff, A. S., Hufbauer, G. C., & Lucenti, K. (2008). Still amigos: A fresh Canada-US approach to reviving NAFTA. Commentary – C.D. Howe Institute, (274), 0_1,0_2,1-25. Retrieved from

NAFTA’s Impact on the U.S. Economy: What Are the Facts? Knowledge Wharton (2016, September 06). Retrieved from



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