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1 i havepart of this but i can 39 t seem to make the whole thing worktogether i can 5346649

1.I havepart of this but I can't seem to make the whole thing worktogether. I can make it add a character at the beginning anddelete a character and exit. I can't figure out how to make it adda character at the end or to display the list of thecharacters.

Write a Cprogram that will allow a user to add, delete, and search for

   items in a linked list. For this assignment,
consider using datatype

   char, however you may use any type you wish.
Be sure to instruct the

   user of the datatype, and consider even the
range of values you expect

   them to enter.

   Present the user with the following options:


   1 – add to the end of the list

   2 – add to the beginning of the list

   3 – delete an entry

   4 – display the list

   5 – exit

   Enter choice:


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