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1. For each of the following sequence of symbols, signs, characters and letters, determine if it is a valid identifier (and so can be used as a variable name, function name, etc.). If invalid, explain why, and provide an attempt that fixes the problem.

a. MyNameIsJake

b. HelloWorld;

c. 1234656

d. A12345

e. 12345W

f. This is a new variable

g. Students-Last-Name

h. FirstName&LastName

i. Jake@Frist.Com

j. =Federal_Tax_Rate

k. C++

l. Int

m. int

n. double

o. double2


q. Elizabeth_Taylor

r. alphaPrime

s. _DoYouUnderstandWhatIAMTellingYou

t. _MyGPA_

u. First1LocationSecond2LocationThird3Location

v. main

w. include

x. Name:Last

y. $100,000.00

z. GPA>3.5

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