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1 explain robin kelley s argument and include discussion of adolph reed article be s 3835508

1) Explain Robin Kelley’s argument (and include discussion of Adolph Reed article) Be sure to explain:
a. Kelley is responding to a critique of identity politics (Gitlin, Tomason). Explain that critique. Include a discussion of Adolph Reed’s critique of anti-racism.
b. What is Kelley’s response to that critique?
c. How does Kelley think identity politics can support social justice struggles?
2. Look at the debate between the “Black Lives Matter and Failure to Build a Movement” and “Conversation About Black Lives Matter and Failure To Build a Movement.” What is the source of the debate? Which position, if any are you more sympathetic to, and why?
3. What is your analysis about how race/racism is related to the current economic system?
Attachment:- Robin Kelley’s argument.rar

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