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                        1. Double-Ended Queue


                        A deque (pronounced “deck”) is a list based-collection that allows additions and removals to take place at both ends. A deque supports the operations                         addFront(x), removeFront(), addRear(x), removeRear(), size(), and empty(). Write a class that implements a deque that stores strings using a doubly-linked                         list that you code yourself. Demonstrate your class with a graphical user interface that allows to manipulate the deque by typing appropriate commands in a                         JTextField component, and see the current state of the deque displayed in a JTextArea component. Consult the documentation for the JTextArea class for                         methods you can use to display each item in the deque on it's own line.                     




                        2. Array-Based Deque                     


                        Implement a deque as described in Programming challenge 1, except base your implementation on an array. The constructor for the class should accept an                         integer parameter for the capacity of the deque and create an array of that size. Use a graphical user interface based on an array of text fields. Test                         your deque class by constructing a deque with capacity 10.                     


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