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1 design a class called student that will contain the student 39 s name id number an 5187223

1.Design a class called Student that will contain the student's name, ID number, and major.
The class must have methods toString, equals, compareTo.
The class should be compiled.

2. Design a class StudentListing that will maintain students in two different ways:
a) using a hash table with separate chaining, hashing by the ID number. You may pick the size of the table. (You may assume that the school has about 3000 students to determine the size of the table.)
b) using a (comparison based) structure that can find students by name. You may choose any structure you want, but justify your choice in terms of space and time.
This part of the project can just be the “outline” – either as a documented “methods” listing, or as a document, but MUST include the methods you would use, and O(f) time.

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