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1 define context free grammars a 5 points write bnf ebnf description for a java clas 5123714

1. Define context-free grammars a. (5 points) Write BNF/EBNF description for a Java classdefinition header statement. Examples of class definitionheader: class MyClass abstract class MyClass final class MyClass extends Thread public class MyClass implements Runnable Solution for a: b. (5 points) Write BNF/EBNF description for a C switchstatement. A pseudo code example for such a statement is below: switch (x) { case 1: statement1; case x: statementx; default: statement0; } Hints: You can use non-terminal symbols such as for expression;for a list of statements and for values without defining them. Solution for b: c. (5 points) Matching syntactic entities (e.g., parentheses,brackets, or braces) is an important aspect of many programminglanguages. Define a context-free grammar in BNF capable ofgenerating only balanced strings of (nested or flat) matchedparentheses. The empty string is not in this language. For instance, the strings (), ()(), (()), (()())(), and((()())()) are sentences in this language, while the strings )(,)(), )()(, (()(), ())((, and ((()()) are not. Note that not allstrings with the same number of open and close parentheses are inthis language (e.g., the strings )( and )()( are not sentences inthis language). Solution for c: . . .

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