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1 consider two hosts attached to an ethernet host a has ip address ipa and ethernet 5346458

1)Consider two hosts attached to an Ethernet? Host A has IP address IPA and Ethernet address EA and Host B has IP address IPB and Ethernet address EB? If Host A wants to send an IP packet to Host B and the ARP cache in Host A is empty? write down all the frames that you will observe on the Ethernet? In your answer? you must ?ll up all the relevant ?elds in the Ethernet frame including relevant data portion in the frame?. ??2) Let us assume that a new host (Host C)? is added to the network? Host C has Ethernet address EC but by mistake it has been con?gured with IP address IPA? When Host C does a gratuitous ARP? list the frames and their contents that you will observe on the Ethernet.

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