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1 consider two different implementations m1and m2 of the same instruction set there 5346457

1. Consider two different implementations, M1and M2, of the same instruction set. There are three classes ofinstructions (A, B, and C) in the instruction set. M1 has a clockrate of 80 MHz and M2 has a clock rate of 100 MHz. The averagenumber of cycles for each instruction class and their frequencies(for a typical program) are as follows:on

      Inst.Class      M1           M2          frequency  

                A          1             2             60%

               B          2             3             30%

               C         4             4             10%

(a) Calculate the average CPI for eachmachine, M1, and M2.

(b) Calculate the average MIPS ratings foreach machine, M1 and M2.

(c) Which machine has a smaller MIPS rating ?Which individual instruction class CPI do you needto

change, and by how much, to have this machinehave the same or better performance as themachine

with the higher MIPS rating (you can onlychange the CPI for one of the instruction classes onthe

slower machine)?

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