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1. Although SSL handles the encryption part of a secure e-commerce transaction, a digital certificate is necessary to provide server identification. A) True

B) False

2. The _____ is a collection of tens of millions of server computers that work together as one in an Internet service using hyperlink technology to provide information to billions of users. A) WWW

B) Simple Object Access Protocol

C) Web Services Description Language

3. _____ inventory and manufacturing is an approach that maintains inventory at the lowest levels without sacrificing the availability of finished products. A) Flexible manufacturing

B) Just-in-time

C) Material requirements planning

4. The term _____ is used to describe a field in which the computer systems takes on the characteristics of human intelligence. A) technology diffusion

B) podcast

C) artificial intelligence

5. _____ are divisions within a company that do not directly generate revenue, such as manufacturing or research and development A) Revenue centers

B) Cost centers

C) Management centers

6. _____ convert sound waves into words. A) Vision systems

B) Robotics

C) Voice recognition systems

7. Prototyping begins with creating a preliminary model of a major subsystem or a scaled-down version of the entire system. A) True

B) False

8. Enterprise systems should not support businesses that interoperate with customers, suppliers, business partners, shareholders, and government agencies in multiple countries. A) True

B) False

9. Retailers use _____ to upgrade occasional customers into frequent purchasers by predicting what products they will buy if offered an appropriate incentive. A) databases

B) predictive analysis

C) bots

10. A(n) is a network that links selected resources of a company

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