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1.1 Introduction

Nowadays, most economic transactions involve a computer. Sometimes the computer takes the form of a smart cash register, sometimes it is part of a sophisticated point of sale system, and sometimes it is a web site. In each of these cases, the computer creates a record of the transaction. The record-keeping role was the original motivation for adding the computer to the transaction. Creating a record of transactions is the first step in building an accounting system, thereby enabling arms to understand how its business is doing. The Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy is implementing a manual system on scheduling the entrance examination of the students. By using this existing manual system it cannot avoid to create a difficulty in some cases. In this reason, the researcher conducts a study on how to implement a computerized scheduling system for the entrance examination of the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. The research study will be focus on how to translate the manual system on scheduling the entrance examination of the student. The Entrance scheduling system will be more faster, accurate and efficient than in a manual one. This system will accurately identify the vacant schedule where in the student can take their entrance examination. 1

1.2 Statement of the Problem2

1.2.1 The research study will allow the researcher to identify what are those difficulties in the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. Base on their manual transaction. These are the following problems. * How to develop a computerized Entrance Scheduling System? * How to identify the following vacant date in scheduling the entrance examination? * How to help the personnel in-charge in managing the number of students that need to take entrance examination? * How to fasten the scheduling of the entrance examination?

1.3 Statement of the Objectives

1.2.2 The general objective of the research study is how to design a system that will responsible for scheduling the entrance examination of Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. The Specific objectives of this research study are the following. * To identify the vacant date in taking the entrance examination of the students. * To help the personnel in-charge in terms of managing the numbers of the students that needs to take the entrance examination. * To provide a faster and efficient scheduling of the entrance examination.

1.4 Significance of the Study3
The Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy is aiming to be one of the competitive schools in the region. This research study will give and contribute to the development of the school. The following are the beneficiary of this research study.

SKIA Administration- The system will give an opportunity to the school to appreciate on how modern technology will innovate the transaction in the school. It will also give a credit to the name of the school as user of computerized transaction in scheduling.

Students- They will also a beneficiary of this system because the scheduling of their entrance examination will be accurate in a sense that the computerized transaction is faster and efficient. The Researcher- The researcher will also benefit on this study because it will help to understand how powerful the modern technology.

1.5 Scope and Limitation

The research study has also a scope and limitation in order to identify the covered areas of this study and as well as areas that not being included on it.
The system has covered the transaction of registration the schedule of the students. Computerized recording of the information on scheduling. The System will be restricted to the unauthorized user by means of using the password of the administrator. Identifying the vacant date and generating the master list of scheduled students.

The research study limits its scope in the area of transaction in the scheduling system of Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy.

1.6 Operational Definition of Terms
1. Registration- is the process of filling-up the needed information in scheduling the entrance examination of the students. In this process, it will allow the user to confirm the date of scheduling. 2. Scheduling- is the process of confirming your time, date and venue where in you can able to take your examination. 3. Administrator- is the one who can access all the process of the system . The administrator can manage and control the flow of the system because it can enter to the exclusive data in the system. 4. Unauthorized User- is the user who is not given a authority in accessing the restricted data or process in the system. 5. Vacant date- is the available date that the system can automatically schedule the entrance examination of the students.

Review of Related Literature

Science and technology are essential for national development and progress. The State shall give priority to research and development, invention, and their utilization, and to science and technology education according to the 1987 Philippine Constitution (Article XIV, Section 10). Since computer power is the critical resource, efficiency of processing becomes the main goal. Emphasis is placed on automating existing process such as purchasing or paying, often within single department as indicated by (Hofer 1996). A major purpose of a database system is to provide users with an abstract view of data. That is the system hides certain details of how the data are stored and maintained as stated (Silberschatz, 1999).

A database is an organized collection of facts and information. An organization database can contain facts and information on customers, employees, inventory, competitors, sales information and much more. Most Managers and executives believe a database which is one of the most valuable and important parts of a computer-based Information System in accordance with Ralph M. Stair’s Fundamentals of Information System (2001).

University Of Southern Mindanao

It has been said that the computers aren’t just ordinary things that have to be taken for granted, but they must be recognized and put into priority instead. Information technology was gained great impetus in the field of education. It is a recipient of new building and new professionals to cater the community. The researchers look for several references to be used in building up automated software to enable too fast – track the computerized entrance exam procedures of Notre Dame Village National High School. Specifically, some related articles or studies being collected are as follows: Automated Entrance Examination System of University of Southern Mindanao and AMA Computer University, Cotabato campus and an internet – based research that is relevant to the proposed study.

University of Southern Mindanao is one of the educational institutions located at Kabacan, North Cotabato which uses an automated entrance examination system developed by LCD’s Software developer. Based on the proponent’s observation, if the user wants to manipulate the system, authentication is strictly required. To authenticate it, the user must input password. Its software features an automated searching or a search engine to automatically seek a certain student’s information. Its searching method is being done according to type of search keys.

There are three types of keys used to search and these are the following: the primary key which is the student’s ID number and the student’s last name and first name as its secondary keys. The features which provide the search engine and user input password is some of the features of the system, which the proponents decide to adapt and incorporate in the overall design of the proposed system.

AMA Computer University

Another is the AMA Computer University (AMACU) located in S.K. Pendatun Avenue, Cotabato City. Its Automated Entrance System features the same quality of software as what University of Southern Mindanao has. However, distinction varies on the capability of searching records. AMACU has only two search keys used in seeking a certain student’s records and these are as follows: Student’s ID number as its primary key and Student’s last name as its secondary.…/ama-computer-college-cotabatocity Notre Dame of Midsayap College

The said private educational institution in the Municipality of Midsayap just 1 hour ride from Cotabato City has already adapted the use of information technology particularly for its entrance, library and Business Office. Visual Fox Pro version 6.0 was the programming language used for developing the system. In addition, such system is implemented in a network environment, thus, giving the intended users the convenience of cross checking student records before any transaction is consummated.

For each of the related local studies, the proponents have incorporated the similarities of the computerized entrance system especially for the major transactions, such as the student information sheet, fasten the entrance examination result.

Although the said local studies is implemented for all the educational levels of the institutions mentioned, the similarities between the proposed electronic entrance exam system and the ones mentioned in the local studies made the proponents decide to use it as a reference for the internal structure of the modules developed.


The SDLC phases consist of seven steps which are the following Project Identification and Selection, Project Limitation and Planning, Analysis, Logical Design, Physical Design, Implementation, Maintenance.

1. Project Identification and Selection

In this phase, the researcher materialize a plan to conduct interview, the researchers proposed a system to the company and ask for their permission to allow the researchers to gathers information from the school to develop the existing manual system into updated system.

2. Project Limitation and Planning

In this phase, plan how to solve the problem of the existing manual system of the said office as far as entrance examination is concern.

3. Analysis

In this phase, the researcher analyzes the proposed system in order for them to develop the desired system which is the electronic entrance examination scheduling system.

4. Logical Design

In this phase, the researcher thinks the logic design of the proposed system after the previous phase applied.

5. Physical Design

After the previous steps applied to identify and initiate, plan and the Logic system the physical design will be the final design of the system which is specifically the logic system.

6. Implementation

During this phase, the implementation of researcher specified the working system, if this system successfully completes and is ready to use.

7. Maintenance

During the program making, we can’t avoid encountering error that is why we choose SDLC, phases for our system because it includes the maintenance. In this phase, the maintenance will detect the error and debug it so that the program will be free from error.

Proposed System

The proposed system is entitled “SKIA Entrance Examination Scheduling System”, this system is design to eliminate the existing manual system of scheduling the students entrance examination. The proposed system is intended to the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy to help their transaction and be computerized. The proposed system will decrease the number of manpower, space, and time. The system will not only give the school the benefit of being able to cut down the money and time spent for student admission, but also the ability to be at par with the other school uses computerized system. The application enables a certain business to extend its reach competitiveness at reasonable cost. It also includes the automated processing of transactions needed for the institution. The system is protected by a password that only an authorized person can access.

Feature of the system

The system is featuring an automated scheduling and recording the data. It also provides a list of the scheduled students and you can easily search the students. The system is secured because it provides a security measure through using of password.

Screen Shots

Login form

Main Menu



Master List

Installation Procedure

The installation procedure is very important to an effective system. The researcher will coordinate with the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy to inform them of how the system will work and how it can be accessed. Since this will be the first time that the school will implement computerized system, it will take a bit more time since the school will still be publishing the system in order for it to be implemented. The installation shall be done after all tests and trainings have been carried out. 1. (Microsoft Access)

2. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
After installing the two software then follow the next step:
1. Copy the system folder to the drive D:
2. Open the folder and look for the executable file
3. The executable file is ready to use and no need to customize.
4. Right click on the exe file and click run to execute the system.

System Requirement

Software Requirement
* Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
* Microsoft Windows 98 or higher, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Higher.
* Microsoft Office 2003-2010
Hardware Requirement
* Pentium 4 CPU 2.40 GHz
* 256 MB of RAM minimum (Recommended)
* Printer
* Standard 101 keyboards and optical mouse
* CD-ROM Drive
* 512 MB of RAM minimum (1 GB recommended)
* Up to 1.3 GB of Hard Disk space may be needed or higher

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

In resolving a problem, it is important to gather information before executing a plan. On this research study, the researcher conducts an interview and research about the transaction covered by the study. This study is conducted to the Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy. The main goal of this study is to convert the existing manual system of Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy entrance examination scheduling system after a deep analysis on the information gathered; the researcher identified the problems on the school transactions. The main problem is the managing of the records of the scheduled students. The problems occurred in every scheduling the entrance examination. By this reason, the researcher proposed a study about developing a computerized, Entrance examination scheduling system.


After a deep analysis, the researcher concludes that using a modern technology in a certain school can provide an efficient transaction. The conclusion is the system can identify the vacant date in taking the entrance examination of the students. It also help the personnel in-charge in terms of managing the numbers of the students that needs to take the entrance examination and provide a faster and efficient scheduling of the entrance examination.


Using this system can provide an accurate and efficient transaction. The researcher recommends adopting the modern transaction in the school.


(Estolas 1995)
(Hofer 1996)
(Silberschatz, 1999)
1987 Philippine Constitution (Article XIV, Section 10)
Ralph M. Stair’s Fundamentals of Information System (2001)…/ama-computer-college-cotabatocity

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